Tour Package Theme

Tour Package theme, WordPress tour package theme, tour template, b2b tour packages, Travel Theme, b2b tour package, tour Booking Theme

B2b tour packages, Tour Package theme, tour template, Travel Theme, b2b tour package, WordPress tour package theme, Tour Booking Theme

Tour Package is a Theme specifically for travel agents. It comes with package post type which allow you to feature all packages for your customers to easily browse on.

After 5 years of research and checking every single existing theme, gathering all feedback from our tour operators, finally we built a unique Tour builder with fully functional features that cover all tour operators’ requirements.
This portal is being updated weekly and you can enjoy new features on every update.

You are not LIMITTED

You can design anything and build everything everywhere. This unique tour builder gives you this ability to create your tour package only by filling out the form and tick a few checkboxes. The super dynamic backend coding will set it automatically.

tour builder

Basic Features

Think about anything, anything special, our developer will make it happen for you and will update it on the following version. Together we will build a flawless Tour Package Theme ever.

No Coding knowledge required.
Complete design freedom.
Highly flexibility on tour layouts.
Super dynamic contents.
Auto menu builder.
Perfect on any device.
100% SEO Friendly.
24/7 Support & updatable.

Tour Package theme, WordPress tour package theme, b2b tour package, tour template, b2b tour packages, Travel Theme

B2b tour packages, Tour Package theme, tour template, Travel Theme, WordPress tour package theme, b2b tour package

Special Features

Tour search engine
Tour Search Engine

The filtering system helps your customer to find the tour easier.
You can customize your options and add new filtering to your search engine such as: Tour Brand, Tour Period,…

Tour theme package
Customize Tag

You can customize your featured tour’s tag with color and specific text individually.
10% Discount, Promotion, 20% OFF, Guaranteed,…

add hotels
Add Services

Add Hotel, Flight, and Transfer to your tour and display it in your packages with price and full detail.

WordPress tour packages theme
Grid Option

Fully customizable grid option, display all important information on your gird layout.
Tour Period, Promotion Tag, Tour Images, Add-on Services, Tour Highlights,…

Interactive Menu

Add unlimited options to your tours, categorize them with
Holiday Options, Tour Options and the system will add them automatically to search engine and menu.

Tour Builder
Super Tour Builder

Just fill out the Super Builder form, and system will design & create a perfect page for you.

Pull Tours by Taxonomy

Set conditions to your tour and call them on any pages, posts, and portfolio.

More features are under development.
If you have any idea to help us to provide more complete portals, please email us.

Tour Themes

If you are looking for a complete Tour Template, Travel Website Theme, B2b Tour Packages, Tour Package Theme, our Tour Builder core will help you to create a full travel portal that you can connect it to our travel engine as well.


What is new in Version 6.1

  • Create Unlimited Brands
  • Post Card and Show Specific Tours anywhere
  • Create Unique Forms

  • HL Control Panel (6.0)
  • Multi cities on map (5.7)
  • exchange panel + multi currency (5.6)
  • Exchange Rate (5.5)
  • Custom Sticker (5.3)
  • Sticker (5.2)
  • Brand logo and color (5.1)
  • Unlimited hotel and flight option (5.0)
  • Create table on tour builder (4.1)
  • Dynamic and Smart Search Engine. (4.0)
  • New dynamic grid options (4.0)
  • Unify and merge the currency and show it dynamically (4.0)
  • Add services to booking form dynamically (4.0)
  • Layout and Download Button (4.0)
  • Video List Tab (B3.2)
  • New Form Builder (B3.2)
  • Chart Builder (B3.2)
  • Add 2 Taxonomy to your dynamic information (B3.1)
  • Add custom field data to your dynamic information (B3.1)
  • Pull Tours with Taxonomy (B3.0)
  • Unlimited Tour Conditions (B3.0)
  • Add tour filter (B3.0)
  • Add Promotion Packages (B2.0)
  • Enable/Disable a section with one tick (B1.2)
  • Hotel Slider for Tours (B1.2)
  • Smart Menu (Ver B1.1)
  • New Tour builder engine and layout (Ver B1.0)
  • Limit Featured image size (Ver B1.0)
  • Color picker for “On Sale” Banner(Ver A1.8)
  • Slider BG in PM Element (Ver. A1.7)
  • New Blog Archive with checkbox function (Ver. A1.7)
  • ICON and Price improved in Tour Package Advanced (Ver. A1.7)
  • Slider for Itinerary (Ver. A1.6)
  • Improve Tour Engine (Ver. A1.6)
  • Mobile Responsive (Ver. A1.5)
  • Destinations (Ver. A1.4)
  • Map Destinations (Ver. A1.4)
  • Set engine with ACF (Ver. A1.3)
  • Live Weather implemented (Ver. A1.2)
  • Add dynamic google map field (ver. A1.1)
  • Update the core to 6.2.3 (ver. A1.1)
  • Tour Form changed (ver. A1.1)
  • Create Country page, Holiday page (ver. A1.1)

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