Travel API Integration

Travel API Integration

B2B XML Provider, B2B API Provider

Hotel API provider, XML Integration, B2B API Connection, Travel & Hotel API Integration, Hotel APIs, Flight APIs, Travel API integration

Hotel API provider, XML Integration, B2B API Connection, Travel & Hotel API Integration, Hotel APIs, Flight APIs, Travel API integration

Hotel Booking API

A simple view of how searches and bookings get transacted across the supply chain. APIs ensure that all parties have the right information, and decoding XML can deliver valuable business insights.

Our XML API enables online travel agencies and travel suppliers access to vast global travel content via XML interface for integration into their reservation system or website.

Features and Benefits

  • Hotels API gives you fast, seamless and accurate access to search and book more than 503,000 hotels/properties, along with detailed content via our integrated mapping system.
  • XML/API technology is exceptional, offering the very best speed, performance, and hotel choice for agents.
  • Access to the best Net rates and availability without the brand.
  • Instant confirmation without any delay, Cause we display only the available hotels. The booking is confirmed instantly.
  • Issue the vouchers and collect payments from your customers directly. You can add your own markups and be in complete control of the sales cycle.
  • Hold bookings until the last possible cancellation date without any credit usage or penalty charge.
  • Very lean and fast JSON based XML Out which is already consumed by other players in Asia, USA, Europe, and ME markets.
  • Search by single and multiple hotel codes, geocode location, and destination without limitation.
  • Able to support up to 3,000,000 searches per hour with our Microsoft Azure infrastructure with load balancing data mirroring.
  • Removes the hassle of multiple integrations, providing access to multiple hotel suppliers and local DMCs.

The purpose of this document is to help developers who will be handling the technical integration between HL WebServices and other booking systems and it describes the content that is made available through our web service (that is, a JSON REST service) and all the available calls that the service provides, along with the recommended workflow. This document is intended to be used by the members of the technical team from the 3rd party booking system as a guideline throughout the integration process. The integration between the two systems ( and 3rd party booking system) will allow the client to book, view, and manage reservations in their own booking system.

BL WebServices works like any other hotel service provider. Two main sets of operations can be performed against the service:

  • Static data retrieval (countries, destinations, hotels) – the client must retrieve all static data to their own repository since all of the other operations available within the service only work by using ids and codes, in order to minimize the network traffic, thus greatly improving the responses’ timeframes
  • Availability search and booking operations – these need to be performed in a certain order to benefit from the service’s functionality (a complete recommended booking workflow diagram is available on the next page):
  • Availability Search
    The search for available hotel options can be performed either by destination or by the hotel. The response will provide a list of hotels with all their available options according to the search criteria. Each option may contain a room or more number of rooms (depending on the number of requested rooms) and contains a unique identifier that will be passed to all future operations that help the service to isolate the option details. Also, each option will contain an availability status: available (in which case, booking the option will most probably result in a confirmed reservation) or on request (in which case, booking this option will result in a pending reservation, that will need to be confirmed, canceled or rejected by the client manually in the back office application).
    A maximum of 9 rooms may be requested (and then booked) in a single call.
    Before initiating a new search request, the client needs to always open a new session with the service. The received session-id is a mandatory parameter in the search, option details, and booking requests.
  • Option details
    This operation is mandatory before making the booking request. It is used to retrieve the cancellation policy, which should be displayed in the client’s supplication for the end-user to agree to before booking. The response also contains the price breakdown (per room, per day) and any supplements or discounts that may be included in the rate.
  • Booking
    The operation is used to book an option for which the details were previously retrieved. If the response doesn’t contain a booking reference, then the booking was not made on our side and an error message should also be present in the same response. The booking reference is later used when getting the booking details, canceling the booking, or issuing the voucher for the booking.

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